Our Capabilities


Service & Support

The Foundation Of Our Business

We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service and support to our brokers, enabling them to rise above the competition.

Each year we ask our brokers to evaluate the quality of our service & support staff. Year after year, the results impressively indicate that we continue to be successful in attracting and retaining the highest quality of employees to best serve our brokers.

Recent Broker Survey

Our brokers had 5 rating

:: Outstanding (best)
:: Commendable (above avg)
:: Effective (average)
:: Needs Improvement
:: Unsatisfactory

Attitude & Professionalism

89% Outstanding
11% Commendable

Quality of Results

77% Outstanding
17% Commendable

Industry Knowledge

92% Outstanding or

Carrier Knowledge

74% Outstanding
23% Commendable

Urgency / Meets Deadlines

77% Outstanding
17% Commendable

Motivated / Can Do Attitude

80% Outstanding
20% Commendable

Honesty & Integrity

94% Outstanding
  6% Commendable